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How to Handle Airbnb MANAGEMENT

Property lettings

There are different ways to let your property on the market. Sub-letting, using Estate Agency or any Airbnb Management Company in London. You can possibly sub-let it, so you share your home with other people. It may not be easy to make this step, as you lose part of your privacy, however, it will help with rent or mortgage. Some people sub-let their homes fully purposely, in order not to feel lonely, and why not to make a new friend?

Another way of making an additional income is to let your property, using an estate agent or Airbnb Property Management company. If this is a second home for you, it would be a good idea to let it, so the agency takes care of your place. Estate agents usually look for a medium and long-term rental. As an owner and a customer, you have the right to set up a certain criterion when choosing the appropriate tenants. You can choose an age group, gender, number of people, occupancy, even Nationality. 

Or, hiring a professional Airbnb Property Management company, can be a good choice for you when considering letting your property. Most of the Airbnb Property company use your requirements and put them on a special property software, so they make sure using the full potential your home has. In London only, there is a limit of 90-days short stay for every single residential rental on the market. However, a medium and long – term rentals are welcome with no limits. In order to choose the best Airbnb Property Management company, you need to decide which way of letting suits your needs best. To make your thoughts clearer, this is what Airbnb Management company offers, and what you expect as a customer, respectively. 

  1. Create a listing on 40+ rentals websites
  2. Welcoming guests, providing instructions and personal check-outs
  3. Cleaning and 5-star hotel quality bed linen
  4. Phone support 24/7
  5. Full Maintenance of the property

All details will be discussed prior to contract to be signed with the Airbnb Management company.

Investing in properties is a great idea, especially in today’s world with tons of Airbnb Management company. If you have one or even more houses or apartments, do not hesitate to call an Airbnb Management company. They all have a website with lots of information and their contact details. Also, another way of contacting them, is the live chat option. There, you can ask for any details more privately and not too many questions asked from the agent representing the Airbnb Management company.

To summarize, there are many things for an owner to consider before letting a property. However, with so many good options on the market, it will be pleasure for any Airbnb Property Management company to take care of your house or apartment. The commissions vary from 12% to 20% depending on what the Airbnb Management company offers. 

So, have a look, do some research and call the best Airbnb Management company of your choice. You will not go wrong!